[Resolved] Message: You have modules that need to be activated

why am i getting this message with 4.1.63 ?

It is not an issue… simply log in and press activate. It is a new feature.

press activate on what?

go to samba market within SambaPOS… at top-right: log in… then press activate by the module after you log in. You only need to do this once after upgrading to 4.1.63

I am just guessing but this feature was more than likely implemented to remind you when you need to activate a module and to help ensure integrity with the Market system.

i have not bought any modules

It could also be a reminder for you to look at your modules and recommend modules that are not activated. As far as I can tell it only does it once.

So i have not bought any modules, i’m not using any addition commercial modules, so what am i suppose to activate?

mine does it repeatedly

Hmm I tested it with a fresh install database… it does not popup unless I use a database that is using those modules.

EDIT: ok nevermind it did popup. .But it is because they are installed. Testing it after uninstalling.

Do any of yours have the Uninstall option?

nope. greyed out install.

Ok changing this back to issue you are right. It is showing the popup regardless. Looks like the popup needs a filter for purchased modules.

I have only seen it popup once however. I will wait and see if it does it again.

EDIT: Ok it is popping up again. @emre maybe you can look at this? Is it intended for the Activation Warning to popup repeatedly if a user does not purchase and activate the paid modules?

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Can you try creating a sambamarket.com account, logging in and clicking one of the activate buttons?

I also have problem with Activation Message. I went to sambamarket and cleared license and restart samba go to Samba Market click activate but message still popup.

OK I’ve re-uploaded new V.4.1.63. Can you install it and try again?

For new version date on windowed mode title should be 10/2/2014 10:52

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Testing it now. Fresh database upon first load… it showed the modules installed but not activated so popup displayed… I assume this is working correctly. I uninstalled the paid modules but did not activate and then restarted samba… so far popup has NOT displayed. I again assume this was the fix? So it seems it is working now.


To fix activation on new database you need to.

  • Clear License Keys on sambamarket.com > My Products.
  • Login to SambaPOS > Market.
  • Click Activate button.

I downloaded V4.1.63 again.It seems to be working properly now, as i did not get the Activate Warning popup. I didn’t have to click Activate button.

Same here, no more popup

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