[Resolved] Printing Delay/No Printing Issue

Hey all,

I have a 7 station setup, 3 terminals and 4 tablets. Client is telling me that atleast once a day there will be tickets that have a 3-5 minute delay to print to kitchen tm-u220b, and sometimes some wont print at all. I am using all Epson printers with UBE03 Ethernet Cards hooked up to a netgear switch. All three printers have static IP’s assigned. I installed printers with latest drivers directly from epson’s website.

I did the network cable there and do it for a living so I know that is not the issue, I have tested it and ensured its stable.

They also said that when it happens SambaPos acts perfectly normal, absolutely no messages from samba or windows. I checked the log file and samba didn’t report anything.

They also noted that when the register epson tm-t88V printer ethernet was unpluged from the wall accidentally, nothing would print to other printers either, not even kitchen. Is that supposed to happen? This is such a weird problem I have never seen before.

Are the jobs in the Print Queue? Or are they delayed getting to the queue?

If they are in the queue, and not coming out in a timely manner, that is a Windows Printing problem.

If they are delayed getting into the queue, then it is something else…

When the delay happens is it all tickets or specific ticket from specific terminal?

There has to be more to that story. Have you reproduced that?

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No I have not, he called me this morning telling me they just sent a ticket and it didn’t print. By the time I got in it had already printed so I didn’t see anything in the print queue. They said most times there will just be delay, others times it just wont ever print. Samba reports the ticket as submitted.

It is random and not dependent on specific ticket or terminal. It has happened from hard wired drive thru terminal and even tablets.

They said they have been having this issue for the last 2 weeks. Its very weird.

Sounds like printer communication issue to me. These type of issues are not really odd in fact ive seen and heard of them a lot expecially with networked printers.

What is odd is the unplugging and other printers not printing. That just doesnt sound right to me.

I encountered delayed printing twice. One of them was an IP conflict. Other one was a dead switch.

Make sure all network cards have Power Management disabled by un-checking “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”

Disable SNMP on each workstation and set kitchen printer PhysicalLayer to 100Base-T Full from Advanced section. Sometimes this causes a delay in printing.

Is kitchen printer installed on each individual PC as IP printer(not shared thru another computer)?

Does it happen from a single workstation or from different workstations?

If it happens from single workstation: Uninstall printer from Windows, Delete Reg Keys, reinstall print spooler, install printer again

If it happens from different workstations : Redo cable first, replace switch next, replace printer last.

Hope it helps.


Wow thanks for the help guys!

Going to take all of this credible advice and hope I can fix it.

Printer is installed in each computer as ip printer. Im using epson ethernet ub-e03 interface in hopes that I wouldn’t encounter any issues as I currently am.

It happens from different stations.

Also I had my client unplug a printer to test his theory and its off it does print to other printers. I am guessing its a ip conflict so ill have to check that first.

Issue resolved! It was IP Conflict. I thought that new routers know better then to give out an already assigned static ip address. For future purposes to anyone else ever having this issue, set your router to only give out dhcp addresses between for example and then just set your printer’s static to be out of that range for example.

Thanks for the great help as always :slight_smile: