[RESOLVED] Problem download sambaPOS4

Hello, links to download V4 don’t work. I got this message “File not found or Downlaoad Link Expired!”
Any reasons? Sorry if I’ve missed a step.

Are you getting same error when you click this link?

When I click on your link, nothing happened…
I tried IE, Mozilla, Chrome…same result.

I’ve changed how we handle downloads. Can you try again?

it works perfectly.

So just went to downloads and tried to download v4.1.82 and i get redirected to a page that gives me this error… File SambaSetup4182.exe not found!

@emre, I can confirm this. None of the Downloads are available atm. Files are listed, but there is an error when attempting to download …

That should work fine now. Thank you for reporting.

Where to download SambaPOS 4 source code?

You can’t. v4 isn’t open source; it is closed.