[RESOLVED] SambaPOS 4.1.60 Crashing when () used within [?Syntax]

Hi @emre Emre,

Discounts @QMcKay designed are broken with Version 4.1.60. I can confirm, if I switch back to v4.1.58 they work properly. I am not able to capture SamabaPOS Reporter error. I will PM my DB.

Says syntax so probably something to do with tags it is the expression [?Discount (0=remove)] it seems it cannot have () in the expression anymore. take the () out of it and it works just fine.

() must be reserved for special meaning now if used with [?Syntax]

If you type it as [?Enter Discount Amount (0=remove] it will actually fill in the entry box with 0=remove and have it highlighted so input replaces it… I kind of like this better.

EDIT: but it is not allowing input :frowning:

So until @emre can fix it just take the () out of it and it works. So this means its not a problem with his tutorial… its a problem with [?Input] syntax not allowing () This means anyone that used () inside [?input] syntax will crash with this update.

PS: I edited your title to reflect the problem being with [?Syntax] not allowing () since its not related to the discounts.

After reading your age verification tutorial this makes sense now… it seems () is reserved for masking when used inside that expression now.

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I’ve ignored some chars such as ()?!=\/. I’m uploading 4.1.61 now.

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Thank you @emre and @Jesse,

This is our production environment and I was able to switch to last night’s backup v4.1.58.

Just a reminder for everyone, make sure your backups are working properly. :smile:

Confirmed 4.1.61 it works fine again.