Restaurant and hotel

Hi there, I have a hostel/restaurant in Cambodia and have been searching for a good POS system that can do room tabs and restaurant food. Is Samba good for both things? Would I add rooms as an ‘entity’? Has anyone had any experience using Samba for guest house and restaurant and would you recommend it? Thanks!

Yes, you would create a new entity “Rooms”, this would allow you to then allocate a “Room” to a ticket - so a ticket could have a Table, Customer and Room.

There would be a few ways you could handle tabs on the rooms, it depends how you want it to work. Any entity can be linked to an account. Someone created a simple setup to manage an account balance on bookings, you can see it here, but I’m not sure if there is complete steps to set it up:

Note that you would want to manage account balance on your customer or booking entities and not the room entities, as a room will have many bookings over time.

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Pretty sure it’s in that link but I put together a nice little setup for doing current inhouse accounts.
I used room entities and booking entities.
Booking entities rather than customer so any stay had its own account making statements easy.
It generated a random booking number and made a booking entity when checking a room in.
Our properties use a PMS which I did an intergration for which is also on the forum.
If you have allot of rooms and want online booking and like I would recommend a propper PMS but smaller property would get by with the above type of system.