Restaurant/Food Service Store in US

Hello everyone,

I just joined this forum and I live in US North East (Connecticut) and also travel a lot to Midwest (Chicagoland).I just want to know if someone knows any kind of food establishment (preferably full service restaurant) that uses Samba POS in East Coast or Midwest that I can go and see how it works. If it fulfills our needs we are looking to install it on 7-8 restaurants.
Thanks Agron

Can pretty safely say that it is very likely samba will meed any needs given a bit of tweaking and time learning how to customize.
The fact your asking says you have some particular needs your concerned about?
Perhaps if you explain anything specific we can explain/show how our setups handle that or similar scenario.
Either way if you have ‘special’ plans please anticipate some time to familiarize yourself with the software and how to customize as it is pretty basic out of the box but can be built up to fit a specific requirement.


Thanks for your reply. The main concern is to connect Samba with specific gateway in our case Magensa(Magtek product) and Magtek CC readers swipe and Chip and credit card processing company in our Case Global Pay Direct(First Data). With the EMV compliance coming to play in 2018 for all restaurants in US the tipping part most be done as one shot on the table. Sorry I did not want to bombard you with to many things but this are our main concerns.

Card integration will really narrow your chances of fining a live demo site near you…
There are several discussions on the forum although many in beta section and have seen recent developments from emre for improving possibilities.
Additionally integrations will be even more specific as will be different between providers and hardware.
It is something which is being implemented but again will unlikely be a simple plug and play. Expect it will get to the point of being like the caller id module type scenario that more specific hardware will require additional configuration. There will unlikely be a ‘Global Pay Direct’ payment module but a cc integrations feature giving us the ability to work with these type of devices, although currently thats obviously not the case.

Thank you. If you know any restaurants in US that Samba is being used currently please let me know or if you know what forum member to ask (I already tried to search but I guess didn’t know how).

Search is in top right but most dont exactly introduce themselves as ‘im running restaurant in US’ so search probably not that usefull in that sense but other searches will help.

There are many people in states using samba, and at lease one whos mentioned first data…

Here was atopic I started when tinkering with a card machine provided by our online gateway company but never got time to follow through as not a priority for our business;

There is quite allot happening on a beta topic but you wont have access to that.

@Hasa I think was the one talking about first data, not sure on his location.

thank you so much JTRTech, you were a tremendous help.

@JTRTech me again do you know how can I contact eddhasaj ? Thanks

and me again :smile: I just found out how

The fact he was tagged with an @ means he will see this topic in notifications.
As card integration is a hot topic it would be good to try where possible and keep as much as possible on the open forum.
Also emre does monitor and likes to see how people are using/what they are planning as it allows him to gague needs and see where things might need developing with the software.
It also helps others looking for similar info :slight_smile:

Absolutely all my findings I will post them here. Thanks for all the heads up


I am in Chicagoland and can answer any questions you have.

At this time SambaPOS can not process credit cards from within application. Credit card processing is done via external terminals.

I have used and installed a few other POS’s. SambaPOS is the best by far. SamabaPOS is based on the latest technologies, offers good support and does almost everything better than other POS’s.

I have been using SambaPOS for about 2 years now. If SambaPOS is installed and configured properly, you would virtual have zero issue with SambaPOS.

Additionally, last two years Emre has added many features.

I only thing that is missing is credit card integration and a time clock.

Have a look at @Jesse tutorials he has fully integrated timetrex time clock and QMcKay has built a full payroll system. Pretty complex setup but if thats what you need its all there for you to have a go setting up now :grinning:


I would argue that time clock does exist and there are two very good options. Cc integration is just now getting some legs and should not be long.

Thank you @na1978. I use to live in Naperville IL and I go visit once a year. I will post all our progress and which route we went. You are more than welcome to visit one of our restaurants in WI. Just let me know if you will be around northern WI.

thanks @RickH I will check it out

thanks @Jesse that is vital for me.