Restaurant Setup needed


Hi, I need someone to design sambapos4 for my restaurant business.
Must have features:
• Waiter tablet or table service
• CallerID, postcode search and distance
• kitchen display
• Customers display
I have all the hardware:
• Dual screen pos terminal
• Receipts printer 80mm
• Cash drawer connected to printer
• 10" windows 8 tablet for kitchen display
• 7" windows tablet for waiter
• Artech CTI callerID
Please let me know.


You won’t be able to do distance in V4, unless maybe you preload distances in postcode database. The Google maps method on forum uses scripts which are a v5 feature.


So are you suggesting I’m better off with the V5 version, if I need all these features?


I think I’m okay without the distance. Callerid and postcode is must.


Do you have your postcode database? V4 only option is CSV lookup, if you saw Google API method again that’s scripted in v5
I would reconmend v5 and much improved and V4 no longer getting any updates.


Okay I will get the v5. Where do I get the postcode data from?


In v5 you can use Google maps api or another API if you prefer.
Alternative is to purchase a postcode area database from someone like royal mail - in UK obviously.


Does Google api come with v5?


V5 has scripts which allow you to write your own intergration.
Google Maps API is it’s own thing, just scripts in v5 allow you to query Google maps for details like distance etc.
You will need a Google dev account with maps apis turned on, think you need to add card details but get something like 2000 queries a day for free or something like that.


2000 queries are more than enough. Howmuch will it cost if you setup the whole system for me? I will buy the key for v5


I have allot of jobs on at the minute @markjw might be able to help you if you want paid service.


Sure! Howmuch you charge?


He’s been tagged above so sure he will be in touch. Or post in the adds section of forum.


Where is the ads section?