Restaurant within a multi storey building

I have a restaurant within a multi-storey building. The operations are different from a normal restaurant though, its like food vending kind of operation.I want to share with you the workflow, then you can advise on how to automate this kind of set up.

we take breakfast orders each evening and the orders are processed in the wake of the following day. That means before the closure of the day the waiters are tasked to post what they will require the following day so that the kitchen department will prepare the orders overnight. When the waiters come in the morning his orders will be ready and packed in their respective food trolleys

Waiters use food trolleys to manoeuvre around each floor of the building. Waiters are mandated to sell food in cash and collect all the cash paid by the customers.
In most occasion payments are done by cash, credit cards, or mobile payment. At the end of the day, we are expected to reconcile what each waiter has collected the food taken from our kitchen by that respective waiter.
Some of the customer’s demand receipt and it’s quite challenging.

We also have a guest sitting area within the restaurant whereby guest are served and issued with the receipt.
The major challenge is how to automate the waiters’ operation.
The whole point is like our waiters act as food vendors, They will come and collect a lot of stuff from our kitchen on debt, then proceed and sell the items in different floors of the building and collects cash payments

Can someone advice how samba can be an effective tool to manage this kind of business.

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Hi team,i would like to hear your opinion on the above matter.Kindly advice

Methinks the waiters should be given the roles of a cashier in your setup. There are respective docking station within the building where food is transferred after the orders are posted, these are the departments.The departments should be served with sambapos android version and blue tooth printers.
When food is sold from any respective docking station a ticket is issued via blue tooth printer by the cashier