Restore Database Action

I cant see anything on the forum about this action.

I’m wondering if I can use this action to my advantage. I set up dropbox on every till I create for backups which I can access from my office.

If a business asks for new features, I can then open their backup in my office, do whats required and then put the backup back into the drop box. I would then log into their till remotely and run the backup.

Now I can see this action, I’m wondering if this opens a whole new way of doing this?

What if, I was able to add that action to a rule that fires if the work period is closed, looks for a backup… if the backup exists then it runs the backup automatically before opening a work period.

The questions being asked is, ‘File To Restore’… is that the path? and If the file path is empty will it ignore the action?

Thirdly, and I’m not sure this is doable… a way to run an action if another action doesn’t fire?


Weirdly, if i stick in one of the database backups file paths in… then run the rule it says

Current Database type does not match backup type

i say weirdly, because I’m using the same terminal to backup and restore

I woulsnt use this method to be honest mate.
Depending on what you want to change on client database…if it has anything to do with configuring sambapos such as adding a new button, new rule, new state or entity screen or anything along those lines that can be exported… i would use the exprt/import feature…
I would usually use the a copy of their database to test things with, then once a solution is done i would export it…then import it into their system.
The only good use of the dropbox file method is to keep backup in case system goes down… client can still download and load backup and run with minimal downtime

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Yeah, I thought that after. @QMcKay post after mine is a better method!

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Its an amazing feature! I use it all the time and have a folder full of different modules made in samba :smiley:

Clients love it when at a click of a few buttons, suddenly they have a new custom function

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thats always an option, having new things made up in a folder.

However, having it all work automatically would be so much more useful as I live 2 hours drive from the client. If I could get the till to check a folder for updates would be mental good

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I know I know it’s not easy. But configuration tasks are the way to go for remote automation of features. They can do anything and are not restricted like database tasks are.

You can build them to literally guide your user through custom setup.

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I’m going to have to learn this, configuration tasks ive never really looked at