Restore Database

I just make backup Database in Version 4.
Also i download Sampa Pos V.5
but while i import Backup in V.5 when i restart the program nothing happen.
I didn’t buy the program yet.
Can you help me Step by Step how to import Backups from V.4 to V.5?

Did you read the V5 into topic?
Did you search the forum?

This has been answered a lot and had a tutorial

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I was looking but obviously I did not put the correct keyword.
I will read them now . Thank u!

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i am going to Database Backups -----------> Database-----> Edit Connection
Opening Property Editor
Data source (?) What i have to write there?
My dara source is on Desktop in a folder with name dbv5 and in the folder the file name is v5test.sdf
But Connection Error.

Νow I have problem with the program flies out

Please dont post the same question more than once it wont get you help any quicker

See my other reply, you need to follow the tutorial to upgrade your database to an sql database you cant use the sdf file there