Restore module on navigation screen

I was checking on the modules in the navigation screen screen and somehow i tampered with how the MANAGE module is mapped.So the management module has disappeared from my navigation screen,
can someone kindly let me know how i can redo the mapping so the module can re-appear

You change mapping to Navigation…

yes i changed the mapping now i want to restore my management module.
Please don’t tell me to reinstall sambapos

Reinstalling sambapos never does solve anything. I just told you how to set the mapping. Do you mean you deleted the module from the folder?

I’m fairly sure you can’t remove the module.

i changed the mapping,of the module on the automation command navigation screen to a terminal that doesn’t exist

i changed the visibility,now i cant see the navigation module.It was erratic

Right-click on the Navigation Screen. An orange bar will appear and on it there will be an icon for Management… click it.

Then go into Automation > Automation Commands and find the command for Management (or add one if you deleted yours). Add a mapping for Display on Navigation.

Or once in management, go to Settings > Program Settings > Maintenance and click the button for Create Default Navigation Buttons.


Thankyou soo much,i have managed to restore it