Restrict discount, void and check reprint from waiters

I have an issue where by my waiters can void, discount and reprint a check without authorization.
How do I restrict them so that the manager authorizes such activities.

Also how do I set reports to deduct card tips from cash received on the day or shift?

it all works with mappings
go to rules and click on the rule you want to change like void and discount
click on mappings and change user role to admin

You can also set confirmation to admin pin for the button/command button.
What I do is have 3 user rolls. The origional all access admin. Then manager and staff. Manager can confirm admin pin and access reorts/work periods.
Staff cannot do these.
This means staff need to get a manager to swipe to aprove no sale, void or discounts.
Using can confirm admin pin and the command button option for it means a manager doesn’t need to logout the staff and log back in to void etc. They can swipe directly in staff user session on the confirmation pop-up to aprove.

Thank you I will try it and give feedback

How do I set it up would you help with screen shots of how to set this up

You need to setup user roles.
You can define other aspects also but the option discussed about is ‘can confirm admin pin’
This doesnt allow admin access etc just allows that role to confirm the admin pin promp built in to command buttons.
The option to ask for this on buttons is in the autmation command options, there is a confirmation dropdown and ask admin pin i think is how its worded.