Restrict multiple user opening table at the same time

Dear All,
Now, my issue is two waiters can open “one table” at the same time and the error message appear " Ticket changed.Your latest changes not saved."
I want to restrict only one user can open Table at one time. When one table is accessed by one user, other users can’t open it.
Please, help me to solve it.
MD Hasan

You would be able to chime this of you change the entity screen to be manually configured rather than auto.
Using entity grid and creating the automation to open/select entity you can refine what happens ie;
If ticket already open without table, update entity.
If no ticket open and only one ticket for entity open that ticket
If multiple tickets for that entity show ticket list.

Once you recreated default workflow you can create custom ticket state set when ticket opened and add this into the flow as a constraint to prevent it being opened a second time.

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Hi JTRTech,
Could you please give an illustration of this.

If you have message server setup correctly you shouldn’t be able to do that.

Hi Jesse,
Thank for your feedback. My requirement is as below;

  • I have WaiterA and WaiterB, Selling to Table1 and Table2.
  • If waiterA places only one order/ticket on Table1, WaiterB cannot open it and will get a message Cannot display this ticket.
  • But if waiterA adds another ticket to Table1, WaiterB is now able to Open Table1 and creates additional tickets in there.We would like to restrict Table1 to one waiter(whoever used it for the first time) such that only his tickets are in there.
    Hope you got me.