Restrict the sale of Zero stock items

4.50. How to Prevent Zero Stocked Item Sales?

I have followed this post religiously,I want to stop the sale of zero stock items,i don’t want negative sales in my report.
The problem is after doing this every sale is now being blocked and cannot be executed,please follow the below screen shots and kindly point out where am going wrong i have redone this for 3 or more times
These are the actions

Here are the rules

If you are going off the tutorial you are missing a constraint on your last rule (check inventory equals 0)

{ITEM TAG:Alert}|Is Not Null|

Go over the tutorial and double check everything.


Still no difference after changing both rules

can you post what you have done yours,there was a time someone was complaining about this tutorial,otherwise how do you guys limit the sale of zero stocked items .

Thank you for the link. That worked for me!

How many warehouses do you have in your set up,for me i have 3 local warehouses that is the main store,Kitchen store and the bare store .When items are alcoholic items are sold in a bar department the stock reduces in the bar warehouse /store.

Now tell how are the constraints on the rule supposed to be set up

You did create the product tag?

i have created the product tags and they match with PLU

here are the product tags ,i have set up some few items for testing purpose

Ok so looks like you have a typo. You set the tag as Alerts but in your constraint you put Alert

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i have checked on the typo,i have redone this but still no result.If anyone has ever done this kinda of automation and is willing to share the database,i will appreciate

It looks like your using 2 different warehouses, is this what you intended?

I am almost getting there guys,my issue now is when the item is out of stock,the system prompts that message on the screen however the order is not cancelled like stipulated in the above.
In these regards, i have 2 warehouses bar and the restaurant how to twekk with the constraint is the biggest issue

Have you tried duplicating the cancel rule.
Have 1 constrained to one of your warehouses and the other constrained to the other warehouse.

you can share a video of how you have achieved this otherwise i have not progressed in any way despite changing the constrains as you had indicated

Unfortunately I am currently on holiday and unable to run SambaPos on my current device (Windows 11 and Samba don’t seem to agree - issue with local database and mdf file creation rights - could probably be solved but to be honest I don’t intend on using Samba on this device so have no inclination to troubleshoot).
You need to concentrate on getting the process working with one warehouse, once you have achieved this you can clone the rules and adjust the constraints according to any further warehouses you need.
To be frank as a reseller you should be able troubleshoot this yourself - I am just an end user, although having recently left the pub trade perhaps I should get into this side of the industry for a job going forward (anybody hiring :smirk: ).


I have had issues with the automation canceling the last order, it continues to show on the screen but when I refresh the screen or add an item, it will disappear. I was thinking it was something I had going on with my system.

Try adding a zero stock item to a ticket, then add a normal (non-zero item) to the ticket (leaving the original item alone). Does the item that should be canceled, disappear?

I found that this system only works for single items. In the case of recipes, the absence of one of the inventory items does not stop the sale. How to do zero stock for prevention recipes?