Restriction for product items

Hi can we make restriction for product items like for one ticket staff is allowed to punch item only once like order tag max quantity as we here i want this max quantity option in product items.

A constraint and n order added event with report ticket order quantity expression you check is already on ticket.


but here i want to stop staff punching more than 1 product so is there any thing like this

No you need to build it yourself @JTRTech told you what to do above. Adding that automation to the order added rule will check if that order has already been added to ticket and prevent it being added again

As said you can do it by adding automation for order added. Am I talking to myself.

but i need tutorial for this i am searching but i am not getting any tutorial similar to this in forum

You probably won’t find a step by step for the exact senario as it’s probably not a common requirement.
You can look at those using inventory to prevent negative stock and their order added rules for ideas and adapt the costraints to just look at current ticket rather than inventory.
You main loophole in such a setup would be the +/- buttons on selected order. These can be disabled in user roles and if needed either recreated with custom buttons which I did a tutorial for or opt for a simpler change quantity button however given your question you won’t need change quantity if one want single products on ticket.

You won’t find a tutorial for every single thing you want to do that’s not how the pos works. The idea is you learn what it can do, create your own setups and share what you do on the forum for others to use learn and adapt