Retail Button for Custom pricing


I am using SambaPOS for an old-fashioned 50’s Diner. We also have a retail area for purchases at the front register. I have been searching for a way to create a Retail button that will allow me to manually enter an item’s price so that guests may purchase their retail items with their meal.

Is there a way to do this, or will I need to create a product for each item?

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Why not just add a retail category to your menu? Put the retail items in the menu?

I agree with @Jesse that would be more logical and you would be able to track what was being sold

If you did want to dont your way just create a new product and call it custom product or miscellaneous item and set price to zero

Create an order added rule and set constraint as item name custome product (or whatever you called it)

Add the price change action

So now when you add the custom product to ticket you will be prompted to enter the price

When V5 is released you will be able to add an order tag action in the same rule to type in a description when selling the item

With the range of items we sell (some being retro collectables) we do not have a set price, therefor I need a button that will allow me to give these retail items a “sale” price on the spot. Thank you @RickH I will try your suggestion.


This is one way @Jesse has previously described

When ive got a bit of time ill quickly do a tutorial of my setup using rules and actions to add price and description, just an alternative to free tagging

look at my tutorial

@RickH Thank you! This was exactly what I was looking for. I did have one question. When I type in the description for the retail item, it does not show on the actual ticket and/or the receipt. Could there be some sort of Mapping that I am missing?

Thanks for you input!

Unfortunately the tag order action doesnt let you add (on the fly with free tagging even though the free tagging option was selected) your description to the ticket in V4, this is something i flagged with emre and this has been fixed in V5 so it will work then, so im afraid you will need to wait for V5 release. No release date yet but hopefully not much longer :smile:
If you keep the rule as it is when upgrading to V5 that will just start working

Youll just need to make sure you have the order tag setup in your ticket template, i think that is done as default so it should print automatically on the receipt in V5 when the tag works

Perfect. Thanks for the help! Look forward to the updated release. @RickH