Retail Setup with No Menus - An alternative POS screen layout

No need to have it under Product in Order Tag List. Just use Mappings. Product is just for inventory tracking.

PS. you can make the tags hidden but I would probably want them there so you can see what has happened.

would i have to setup different order tag groups for each action? as when i use the order tagged event i can only select the order tag group name, but if i list all my functions under the one group i cant specify which one to use. as below i created an Order Actions Tag Group where i want to put all the different Order Tags under (price change etc) but in the rule i can only select Order Actions (then name of the group) is there another tag to use to select price change tag?

Try Order Tag Value in the constraint.

so use Order Tag name and then also under that use Order Tag Value

So it would be:

Order Tag Name Equals Order Actions
Order Tag Value Equals Price Change

Its somewhat confusing and personally I feel it should be changed to match.

Order Tag Name = Order Tag Group
Order Tag Value = Order Tag Name

I think the constraints should read Order Tag Group and Order Tag Name so it matches the actual structure of them when you set them up. @emre what do you think?

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i agree, thats what confused me lol

im getting there now :slight_smile: is there a way for it not to show the blue text that says price change under the order?

Yes under Order Tag Group > Display Settings set it to hidden

i did that and that setting actually stops the order tag screen from opening

Hmm actually nevermind that hides entire thing… one moment I am not sure.

No way to hide it. Have it Tag the Order as usual. Execute your Price Change Actions, then Untag the Order.

You may need to store the Tag Name and Value in a Program Setting first, so that you can Untag it after your other action are finished executing … or …

Let it Tag, then as the first Action in the Rule, Untag it, then add other Actions following that.

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ok ill try that :slight_smile: should be a nice retail setup once done haha

I think this was requested once. @emre would it be too difficult to add a Hidden option to Order Tag Value’s so it hides them on the ticket screen? I can see this being useful for more than just this particular situation.

That will probably be the way he should go.

You could also leave it tagged as a way to track what was done to the Order. And you could use a different color! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

that works great thanks, the tag is untagged and the price is changed. now ill need to amend my original price change setup as that used to display a list of reasons for the change and add this as an order state, but the reason screen doesnt appear when doing it this way. so im thinking of using an ask question for the reason and update it that way :slight_smile:

You could configure Suffix or Prefix for reasons…and like Q said leave it tagged just dont print the tag in printer template.

This can easily be reported on as well by simply calling that Order Tag in reports.

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ok… ill have a play with that, never used suffix or prefix so ill have a go now :slight_smile:

Several methods to go about that. Play with a few see which one you like the best.

think i like my ask questions haha so ill do that :slight_smile:

is there a way to stop certain products from printing on the receipt? in this example i have got my fast cash buttons setup as automation command products so i dont want that to show as an item ive sold on the receipt. also it shoud show cash as £50 and not £49.99 so ill look at that now too

ignore the last post i forgot to add the cancel order action first i have that working now, however it shows 49.99 tendered when the action is set to 50.00 so it doesnt appear to be reading the value in the action? any ideas?

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Nevermind i changed {PAYMENT TOTAL} to {TENDERED TOTAL} in my receipt template and now it works

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Here’s a look at my POS screen so far with working auto commands in menu area. All products are added by scanning a barcode

Lots of editing to do with the buttons after i have got them all working properly

still got some more payment buttons to remove

press the new £50 fast cash button on right hand side

ticket resets

receipt prints