RetailPOS: Barcode Details

i am helping a friend to setup a retail pos for a manual handicraft shop. we are planning to have a barcode for each item to place on shelve. once the product is purchased we want that item to be scanned via barcode and display on ticket.

may i know the step by step guide to achieve this. how the barcode is suppose to be generated -------- in my understanding barcode will be printed base on “Product ID” and once item barcode is scanned the item should be selected in ticket.


When you set up each product there is a field to enter a barcode, just type the barcode in there and save it

Then when you scan that barcode it will add that item to the ticket

You could create your own barcodes using free online barcode generator just do a google search


thanks @RickH i would also want to know the purpose for barcode in program settings?

is it for weigh scale ?

i know few free like bytescout and zint barcode generator any suggestion for a good one
and what symbology and format is use for barcode ?

The barcode in program settings is for weigh scales yes.

please refer

this barcode setup is for weighed item i want to setup barcode for handicraft items.

thanks anyways

i have a general question in mind how will samba know barcode reader device is active.

do we need to activate or install a particular module from samba?

Barcode device simply passes the data like your typing it… Samba Reads it just like you typed the information. So no you do not need any special modules.

Just create you own barcodes online by searching for a free barcode generator. Print barcode onto labels, stick them to your products and ensure you type the barcode into the barcode field on the product setup page

Then simply scan it and it will add that item to the ticket

This is one ive used and it works perfect just enter the details you want its really straight forward to use

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ok so its something built in

what was bithering me was how should i make a barcode with text only or alphanumeric or numbers only

like should it be;
and what should be the length that’s all

basically a professional advice :slight_smile:

Yes…Just type the barcode number into the barcode field on the product page thats all you need to do to setup a barcode to relate to a product

Then in the pos screen just start typing that barcode number, no need to click anywhere or do anything special just statt typing it and press enter on your keyboard and it will add that product to the ticket

Using a barcode scanner is exactly the same as typing the number in and pressing enter, it just happens that quick you dont see the number actually appear onscreen, and the product is added

ok will start working on it then thnks

Why do you need letters? Just setup the barcode using numbers if your going to scan it it doesnt matter what numbers the barcode is made up of its just a reference number for that product so when it is entered samba can recall the associated product and add it to the ticket

You can set it to be as many digits long as you like, ive used various lengths for different things, 13 digits, 7 digits the ticket id used in samba starts at 4 digits and that can be used to set as a barcode for the ticket to scan and reload ticket on screen so the length is entirely up to you and how you have programmed your barcode reader to read different formats

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The barcode will be anything… you can type Cow and a barcode can be made that reads Cow when scanned… So it really does not matter how you build your barcodes just keep it simple and keep it so you can ensure they are all unique.

I recommend using numbers just to keep it simple and its easier to ensure its unique.


Have not done much with barcodes but while tinkering with using a label printer I was thinking I wonder if there was a way to use samba and a label printer to print product barcode labels straight from samba?
I imagine having a button like print barcode which would print to a label printer labels with maybe a template for small label with barcode and product name.
Perhaps in a way where you could enter the number of labels in the number pad which would be brought over to the copies setting in the print job.

So as a work flow, you would add a product enter qty of labels and hit print barcode which would print that qty of barcode labels. Maybe add an automatic cancel order action to end of rule.

Have not looked at the practical application of this but will have a look when I next get spare few hours, may not be possible but would something like this be of interest to anyone?

Couldn’t see another thread discussing this but let me know if I’ve missed it before I look into it?

Sounds interesting and would definitely be useful for retail.

There isn’t anything in that which stands out as impossible to you is there?

It would obviously apply more to situations like that above where they are selling something home/handmade or perhaps second hand like charity shop or something as these would not have the origional barcodes from a manufacturer.
Which makes me begin to think maybe there is not a huge need for such a setup as obviously the majority of situations you could just use the standard barcode on the items packaging.

Am I forgetting a major area where this would be ideal?

just about everything is possible with SambaPOS we just have to figure it out :stuck_out_tongue:

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We have a sample for free coffee coupon label printing here.

I think printing barcode labels will be something similar.