Retrieving inventory movement using SQL Server Management Studio

Hi Everyone,

I would like to retrieve the inventory and or product movement of stock over different periods of time, so as to compare specific item movement from one week to another.

Now I would like to do this using SQL Management studio, because it would make my life much easier exporting it to Excel…

Any help would be appreciated.

Export to Excell is build into v5 I highly recommend it.

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I agree.

But even if I do install v5 I will not be anywhere close to the business. And transferring a .bak to a cloud service is much easier and cheaper than setting up a vpn and accessing SambaPOS.

My business is not up and running just yet, but I have enough movement data to test with.

What I am trying is to both data mine as well as check progress.

Email report every day or whatever

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It’s a simple solution but you can’t use Visual Studio SSDT, wanted to see what data mining you can do with the program.