Return to Category After Selecting Modifiers


Using V4 to get my head around Sambapos before paying for the V5 version for our live system.

I have set up product modifiers, they work great and open automatically when you select a vodka, it asks you to add a mixer, great.

Is there any way, when you have selected the required amount of modifiers, that the screen then automatically goes back to the category screen where you can select another product, or back to the department main screen?

Cheers, Great Pos btw!

V5 has full unrestricted trial mode and so contains a huge amount of features that v4 does not have. You wont get much idea of v5 by using v4. You can install and test v5 for free. If you like it then buy license.

You can just click the item (order line on left portion of the screen) when you are done for that item then it go back to latest category. Or I misunderstand something?

Think the question is to have it close back to menu automatically once max/min number of tags is selected.

It is possible using Ask Question but a lot of works especially each product has different modifiers.

I use Ask Question for only required modifiers.

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That’s a good shout, depends on the circumstances…
There will likely be a trade off/compromise,like you say ask questions is a good solution but would wouldn’t want to have to do it for all tags on a complex menu.

It would be easier if we have order tag buttons like portion buttons.