Return to Main Menu - Open Ticket Navigation Module




So this is the above configuration that I have, this works when the ticket status is like below

But when I add any item, it doesn’t work

Even when I change the order status, same. any solution for this?


When u put an order item it creates a ticket and opens it… if you cancel all items… u need press “close” to close ticket then press that button and it shud work


its probably because to switch to the main menu you need to close the ticket first. The only way you can close a ticket is if there is a ticket tag or entity assigned to that ticket

so try adding an add ticket tag action to your main menu rule, this should add the ticket tag allowing the ticket to be closed and the navigation to main menu should then work

You cant just navigate away from an open ticket


ive also renamed it to Question as this isnt a V5 software issue or bug, its a configuration question


You need to either setup a way to close the ticket like selecting entity or adding configured ticket tag OR change the mapping of the automation command so button is only visable or enabled for ticket states of blank, Unpaid or Bill Requested.
You may need to add close ticket action before navigate also.


Thank you, it works now.