Revove Entity from Entity Screen

Don’t know if this is the correct way of doing things? But youll get an idea of what I’m trying to achieve…

I click to Select a Birthday Party

I can select the Parties within the Entity Screen or create a new one:

If I select a party, it opens the POS screen as it should

I click Close Party to close it (EG: The party has happened its no longer needed in the entity screen)

The party still exists.

I completely understand WHY this is happening, because I’m removing the Entity from the Ticket… but Ideally I want to know how to remove it from the screen?


Don’t tell me, I think ive worked it out… to do with States :slight_smile:

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I cant work it out

Obviously something is wrong?


Is it actually in the state you expect?

I think so??

Your Rule appears to have the State Name and State backwards, at least according to your State definition.

I mean in the Action, State Name should be PStatus and Entity State should be OpenParty.

Hmm ok, I changed it… created a new Entity but it still hasn’t showed?

Ill keep playing in a bit weve just got a little busy :slight_smile:


Is because a ticket isn’t actually made during my flow? Ive tried to just filtering OpenParty will still no success?

I just noticed that the entity state hasn’t changed.

I made OpenParty as a Status now, yet when I select a party it says Status: New Order


Also (to be a pain) there isn’t enough room on the top of the ticket for all the statuses?

you should never mess with default states status is a default state in the very operation of the POS system depends on that state so when you edit that state you will severely mess up your workFlow

sorry for grammar and spelling I’m using speak to text because I’m driving


first off drive safely.

default states repaired, still don’t solve the problem lol


Show the Rule for the Close Party button.

Aha sorry, that probably works… but I cant see as the Entity Grid isn’t showing the entities that ive put into state OpenParty

So technically, the original question isn’t what I have the prob with anymore :sunny:


So what is the problem now? You can’t create a Party?

P.S. the Entity Grid Settings has Display State set to Pstatus which may not work since your State Name is PStatus … everything in SambaPOS is case-sensitive… notice the difference in the s/S ?

Yeah I can create one, and fill in the custom fields automatically. I want them to list in the entity screen, but when a party has happened it needs to be closed and disappear from the screen.

I thought that if I changed entity state to PStatus OpenParty when its created, and set the values below it should list only those with the status of OpenParty.

The Close Party button I’m sure will work, which will remove the OpenParty status and then the screen will no longer list it.

Yes, it should. Is there a problem still?

You should know that once you have set a State incorrectly (ie. when you had State Name and State backwards), then that Entity will forever be that way, unless you correct it.

So some Entities probably currently have a State of PStatus for the State Name of OpenParty, which is backwards. This might break things or cause unexpected results unless you fix it.

You can correct this in the Batch Entity Editor using the link on the right to Update the State of multiple Entities in one go. For example, select your Entities, click the link, then type this is the box:


The first line nulls the incorrect State Name called OpenParty
The second line sets all selected Entities to have a PStatus state of OpenParty… they should then appear in the Entity Grid.

You could do this instead if you want to get selected Entities off the Entity Grid:


You also have the option in the Entity Types > [EntityType] config to set default States for newly created Entities of that Type using the same syntax.

One more thing… show the configuration for the Entity Screen… what is the Display State and Filter set to there?

Just walking home but I think I posted that above
Also I was creating new entities after I changed settings

Here is entity screen

I’m wondering if I don’t correctly understand the Entity structure.

I don’t want a ticket, just an entity with an entity state which has all the details of the party. Would it need a Ticket to be open to make the entity work the way I want it?


A Ticket is not required. The only reason you are seeing a Ticket is because you have mapped the Entity Type to the Ticket Type, which is what gives you the “Select Birthday Party” button on the left.

But this is not necessary at all. For example, I have 10 Entity Types, and hardly any of them are mapped to the Ticket Type (only Customers, Tables, GCs are mapped). The other Types such as Employees, Suppliers, etc still have Entity Screens, but the screens are displayed using the Navigation settings for the Automation Command, or using a Navigate Module Action.