Revove Entity from Entity Screen

However if I select entity through that entity screen I see this!?!??!!??!!?!?

Well, I don’t understand the issue you’re having. The topic says you can’t get the entity to go away, but then you say you have a different problem…

I did say that above lol

Wonder if I should edit the topic.

Sorry, I’m probably the most scatty confusing person ever

Um, that indicates that your Entity Name (Primary field) is generated by concatenated strings that include linebreaks and a bunch of other data… you should take look at that more closely - the Entity Name should probably just be a Name, with maybe a date or other unique serial number.

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Is this the correct way of doing this?

Its all I have done to create that problem above

Display Format might be the reason for what you just saw - if it is, then @emre should consider changing that, but just in case …

Show the Rule/Action(s) where you create the Entity, and where you update the Entity Data.

EDIT: well, for you purpose it does not really matter, since you would not populate the Entity List in the Screen config anyway. You want to leave it empty.

Rules/Actions look good to me.

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That’s good then, thought they were.

Just wont blimmin list them lol.

I think ill lay this to bed for the night.

Im gonna start again tomorrow with a fresh database and see if I can get it to work.

Thanks for your help tonight appreciate it.


What, you mean you click the Create Party button, and it prompts you for information like name, date, time, etc, and then what?

It goes to the Ticket?

Or it does “nothing”, like stay on the Entity Screen, unchanged?

Stays on the entity screen, and does nothing.

However if I check the entities they are there with all the information filled on properly

Ideal situation would be to load the entity created and go to the POS screen although not important.

The idea of this was for staff to be able to input a birthday enquiry which will be followed up later by the manager

I can if you like, create an import file?

Of course, because you haven’t told it to do anything, other than create the Entity.

Add Change Ticket Entity Action to the bottom of the Rule, and use [:CommandValue] for the Ticket Entity.

This didn’t seem to work.

I created a DB file of what I have done so far in regards to this. Ignore the fact no Close Party button visible.

@Shivan this file has the questions to fill in custom fields you were talking about in your recent post.

Matt (1.8 KB)

So basicall, I could change emre simple reservation to work this… I just tested a few things and I think itll get working how I want.


I want to implement a method that bill of entertainment table should not not include in total sale. Entertainment table mean table for hotel owners and i need to not include this table orders to sale

@mramzan You already asked that on another topic… please dont duplicate questions and again your question doesnt relate to the topic posting on.

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Sorry Brother it was urgent i will never make this mistake again