Rick's Tutorial 15 - Retail Setup - Using Custom Keyboard and Custom Buttons

A brief look at how i am using some of the new V5 features to create a retail type setup. The white buttons are custom buttons that link to automation commands to open different menus

the smaller buttons at the bottom of the screen have all been created by using the custom keyboard feature. As i continue to develop this setup ill post more images and setup instructions, youll need to bear with me as this isnt a simple setup and has taken me a while to get to where i am with it, and ive had to change some of the behaviour of my rules to accommodate this setup

i dont have a single menu with multiple categories (thats why there isnt a menu column down the centre of the pos, instead i use muliple menus as my categories

below you can see a before and after of the custom keyboard and the settings i have used to create the custom keyboard (ill go into the specific formatting soon)



FORMATTING FOR CUSTOM KEYBOARD (as shown in screenshot above)

Code for Custom Keyboard

"<panel #FF4BACC6><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Switch<linebreak/>User</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Switch User:",
"<panel #FF4BACC6><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Suspend<linebreak/>Sale</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Suspend Sale:",
"<panel #FFE57572><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Free<linebreak/>Item</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Gift:",
"<panel white><color black></color></panel>=spacer:","1","2","3",
"<panel #FFBFBFBF><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Exact<linebreak/>Cash</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Exact Cash:",
"<panel #FF9BBB59><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>£5</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Fast Cash £5:5"|"<panel white><color black></color></panel>=spacer:",
"<panel #FF4BACC6><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Recall<linebreak/>Sale</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Recall Suspended Sale:",
"<panel #FFE57572><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Cancel<linebreak/>Free</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Cancel Gift:",
"<panel yellow><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Discount<linebreak/>%</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Discount Item Custom Percent:","4","5","6",
"<panel #FFBFBFBF><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Exact<linebreak/>Card</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Credit/Debit:",
"<panel #FFF79646><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>£10</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Fast Cash £10:10"|
"<panel yellow><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Discount<linebreak/>Amount</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Discount Item Custom Value:",
"<panel white><color black></color></panel>=spacer:",
"<panel #FFF79646><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Customer</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Manage Customer:",
"<panel #FFF79646><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Staff</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Manage Staff:","7","8","9",
"<panel #FFBFBFBF><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Cash<linebreak/>Amount</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Cash - Variable:",
"<panel #FF8064A2><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>£20</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Fast Cash £20:20"|
"<panel orange><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Price<linebreak/>Override</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Price Change (my version):",
"<panel orange><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Stock<linebreak/>Level</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Stock Level:",
"<panel orange><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Gift<linebreak/>Receipt</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Gift Receipt - From Ticket:",
"<panel orange><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Misc<linebreak/>Item</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Misc Item:",
"<panel #303030><color black></color></panel>=spacer:","0","<panel #303030><color black></color></panel>=spacer:",
"<panel #FFBFBFBF><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Card<linebreak/>Amount</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Card - Variable:",
"<panel #FFC0504D><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>£50</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Fast Cash £50:50"|
"<panel red><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Remove<linebreak/>Item</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Void Item:",
"<panel red><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Refund</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Refund:",
"<panel red><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Wastage</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Wastage:",
"<panel red><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Cancel<linebreak/>All</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Cancel Order:","<backspace>","<ds>","<enter>",
"<panel green><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Open<linebreak/>Drawer</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Open Drawer:",
"<panel orange><color black><bold><Size 22><font calibri>Online<linebreak/>Order</font></Size></bold></color></panel>=Online Order:"

This is…

A - M - A - Z - I - N - G !!!


@RickH I notice you have removed Settle button and just using fast payment buttons. Are you still able to support multiple payments per ticket in this scenario, like part card, part cash ?

Yes you can. Just type amount and press button. It can read {:NUMBERPAD} I’ll show you screenshots in a minute. I think his are Cash Amount and Card Amount buttons.

The action is Pay Ticket action

Execute Payment Processor is optional

This will take amount entered via numberpad and pay ticket if its not the full ticket amount it will keep ticket displayed so you can pay next payment type.

The screenshot assumed you have an automation command button called Settle Cash

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please how to use this, where to put the script . thanks

I dont use that setup anymore it was very time consuming to setup and to modify when wanting to move buttons around/add new buttons

I now use this setup using custom product buttons, have a read of this, its a detailed step by step tutorial into how i have setup my pos screen