Rick's Tutorial 4 - Manager Functions Screen

This is a very quick setup so youll be able to tweak it to how you want but this is a custom entity screen for manager functions. This will limit the amount of buttons you have on the POS screen and put them “behind” one button on the POS screen with Admin PIN access only

Im by no way an expert on the setup of entity screens so if anyone sees any errors or things to improved let me know!

this is what my flow/screens look like

Manager Functions button on POS screen (purple button on left)

Press it to open custom entity screen, where i have added my petty cash button

press petty cash button and complete as normal

press arrow at top left of screen to go back to pos screen

The good thing about this is you can also set admin pin for the manager function button to restrict access

Steps to create:

  1. Create Entity Type - Manager Functions

  2. Create Entity - Manager Functions

  3. Create Entity Screen - Manager Functions

  4. Create Automation Command Button as below

  5. Create Action - Change Ticket Entity

  6. Create Rule - Display Manager Function Screen, with default mapping

  7. Go to POS Screen, click manager functions button to load screen

  8. Right click on the screen and select design mode

  9. right click the screen again and select ADD WIDGET then AUTOMATION COMMAND

  10. A box will appear, resize and drag to the position you want

  11. Right click inside the box and select properties

  12. Enter Name, im adding my open drawer button and you can also change the size and position of the box in these settings

  13. Right click the box again and select settings

  14. Select the command name value from the list, add caption, add button color by typing the word or colour code, change font size from 0, press ok

  15. right click the SCREEN and click design mode again to exit design mode

  16. Your button has now been added and should work like it would if you had it mapped to the ticket screen

Hope this helps you! im going to re-design some of my setup to have buttons on one screen. you can also in entity screen setting add an image to the screen back ground and on the buttons themselves i think there was also an option to add an image on the image path setting

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two question . Now that you created the petty cash button. Is this button used for the cashier to enter in the petty cash they started off with at the beginning of their shift? is it logged some where in the reports ?

No petty cash is when money in the till drawer us used to purchase essential items from another shop eg milk, stamps, tea, coffee for store use

Look at another if my tutorials for till floats, this is where you enter the opening amount in the cash drawer at the start of the day, it will prompt u to enter the amount when opening work period. You then need to balance this at the end of the to reset the account to zero so it isnt carried over to next work period

My accounts works to balance snd reset everything to zero at end of day/work period when cashing up so accounts are zero on next shift and previous days takings are moved to a takings account (ive not finished setting this up yet)

As for reoprts you could include petty cash in reports you would need custom reports module to design your own. This is on my to do list

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