Rick's Tutorial 5 - Pop Up Window Showing Product Image

A customer may ask to see a picture of an item before purchasing, you may want to show how a dish will be presented or what an item looks like if it is currently out of stock (for use in a retail environment as i use the POS for) or the cashier may need to simply see a larger picture of the item than what you can display on you product buttons.

Here is the setup

Step 1 - Create a Product Tag Caption called "Product Image"

  • Main Menu
  • Manage
  • Settings
  • Program Settings
  • General Settings
  • Add “Product Image” to the Product Tag Captions Box as below, ensuring that if you have more than 1 Product Tag Caption you separate them with commas as I have below.

Step 2 - Create Automation Command Button

  • Main Menu

  • Manage

  • Automation

  • Automation Commands

  • Add Automation Commands

  • Create as below, customising the colour, font size etc to your liking

  • Dont forget to add mapping, again set this to your liking, I only want the the button to show for certain states as you can see below. Either set your states or leave as the default *, dont forget to set visibility to ORDER LINE

Step 3 - Create Action that wil open the image from a file on your PC

  • Main Menu
  • Manage
  • Automation
  • Actions
  • Add Action
  • Set as shown below, ensure you enter [:File Name] in the File Name field, this will allow you to use this one action and set the File Name in the rule using the Product Tag we set up in Step 1 so this generic rule will work for every product.

Step 4 - Create the Rule

  • Main Menu
  • Manage
  • Automation
  • Rules
  • Add Rule
  • Set up the rule as shown below, when adding the action we created in step 3 the file name field will be blank. Click the little white arrow in the blue bar to open the action settings and type the following as shown in the image below {ITEM TAG:Product Image}

Step 5 - Add your file location of your images to the Product Tag Field created in step 1

  • Main Menu
  • Manage
  • Products
  • Product Tag Editor (lists all products so you can add all file names in one screen, you can alternatively go into each individual product and add the file name to the field in that setting but this would take longer if you need to update multiple products at once)
  • Add the file path of your image to the Product Image Column as shown below (when pressing the Product Image button to activate the rule, this is where the action reads the file name of the image from to display it)

  • Or instead of using Product Tag Editor select Product List instead and select your product to open its details screen and enter the image location in the Product Image field as shown below


  • Main Menu
  • POS
  • Add product to ticket
  • click product to display order line buttons
  • click product image button
  • Your image will open on screen

see screenshots of the flow below:

cheeseburger order added

Press cheeseburger order line on ticket to display order buttons on left hand side

Press product image button to display that products image

hope that helps :slight_smile:

@RickH does the image opening up not take a bit of time or does it pop open instantly ?

Its opening it up outside of samba so its dependant on what viewer you use by default and your PC. Remember to close the image or they will stay as open windows.

yes I’ve just tried it out and tbh it is taking a bit of time, not as smooth as i was hoping. is it not possible to have it open up within samba pos, and not use another program, or is that me asking for too much.

Its not possible right now. Maybe in future. Very cool idea and solution Rickh. Maybe we can improve on this with future updates if everyone shows interest.

mine opens up instantly, i originally had an image on my onedrive folder that took only a couple of seconds to open. I moved the image to my My Pictures folder and it opens up instantly

It may work little slow on RDP or may not at all. Anyone test it?

I dont use RDP just a single terminal, so that might be the issue?

yes thats what i have tested on, iPad mini, it works and is a great idea, but some pictures are taking a bit longer than others and the average picture is taking a good 5 seconds to open.

Reason is RDP is slower to open the app and then display it. No way around that. This is currently the only option to display popup images. Only other option is just menu button images. Maybe if enough interest we might see this improved on in future. When Emre is quiet on forums it means he’s working hard on something so I’m betting we see some amazing things soon.

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i have just created a item with no value and called it menu, i have then added my restaurant menu to it, so next time a customer asks to see our menu i can easily hit that button and pass the iPad to them, saves me from running to the front of the store and getting a menu.