Right way of setting up V5 from V4

point me in the right direction:

I want the restaurant to continue using V4 until I have played around on V5 enough and implemented some cool tricks (excited about kitchen screens) and tested thoroughly.

When I then load the V4 database over to new V5 it will clear all my cool tricks I have implemented .

What is the right way of working around this so the time I spend on getting V5 (V4 migrated) ready for production is not wasted?

Database tools file export/import or Configuration tasks. Not much info on configuration tasks yet but database tool files are straight forward.


awesome, so I can create new rules and just export the rules & Actions to new database? that easy?

Great news, thank you

Yes. That is the way I do things anyway.

I create and test different things on my Laptop, and when I am satisfied with the way it works, then I export the Rules/Actions etc, and import the file into my production system.

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