Roles, Permissions & Authorization

Is there a recommended permission set for waiters? I.e so that they can only do orders and maybe amend their order before it has been saved but not be able to void items. Similarly how can an admin void items from a ticket (before it has been settled)? I am still getting used to SambaPOS but it is looking great so far. Many Thanks.

To void items before it has been settled you just simply select the item and press void. I would not restrict that to an admin because there is no money transfer involved its just for communication to the kitchen on either to not make the item or what to do with it if it was already prepared before void was pressed.

But to require an admin pin to press void you would find the Void Automated Command and enable the Confirmation/Admin pin option

The way I have my Waiters/Employees setup is I only allow them to Change Departments everything else i have disabled. Thats because I am not a Tables restaurant I am quick service. If you use tables you probably should allow more functions.

If I were to have a Tables Restaurant I would probably keep everything disabled except some key Ticket Permissions and The ability to switch Departments.

This is just my opinion, however. What you should do is get an understanding of what the Ticket Permissions are and then decide if that’s something you need your Waiters to be able to do.

Most of the restrictions that have to do with actual function are achieved through mapping it to Role’s not through the Role Editor.

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