Rooms - Accounts setup and report issue

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We have a customer who has rooms which have been setup with an account type as well. We need to make it possible to keep their tickets open throughout workperiods, but to not show any item sales until it has been settled. We have it working where it can go through the workperiods, but this causes two issues.

1st issue is it shows the food drinks etc which have been put onto their account. We dont want this as it causes a discrepancy from the sales report to the total takings.

2nd issue is the following day if you add more items to their accounts it will appear on the reports, but on the previous days takings.

Is there a way where we can zero the cost of items as a temporary fix and have their accounts order closed and reopened so it shows up on the correct report?

any help would be great.

thank you

You can use Pre-Order ticket properties for that. As far as I know thats the only alternative, but it can get messy very quickly.

You can always use expression (PA=Cash) in your reports to filter out sales that were on the customer accounts.

Hi Posflow.

Thank you for coming back to me.

Just to confirm preorders will allow me to take orders and hold them, but the sales do not appear in the reports until the day they are settled?

I have been trying to add an order details report which includes (TS Status=Paid) I havent got this working yet but its an idea. The only issue with that is when a ticket is settled it will appear on the report from when it was created and not the day it was settled.

thank you

Yes it will allow you to hold them in Pre-Order state. I originally used it when I started with SambaPOS but eventually moved away from it because it gets messy if staff are not “un-holding” the tickets properly.

You still might need to edit some reports though.

As someone with extensive hotel experiance and with samba I wouldnt reconmend preorder.
Accounts as you describe is correct as to how it should be reported.
What you need to do if run a balance CF and BF figure which goes up and down as room accounts go up and down.
The hotel setup i did a while back and documented on forum used booking accounts rather than room accounts, this gives clear account for each booking rather than running booking account.
Have a look for that topic on the forum, pretty sure it included the report I made which has a BF CF figures.
Once you use BF CF your takings variances will balance as you will see ticket payments as well as accounts payments and room charges will count towards ledger balance rather than takings.

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I’ve also changed to questikn rather than issue as accounts are working corectly, just not the way you expected.


This seems to be a great addition. I am slowly going through your guide and getting this setup

Just on a second thing, is there a similar setup for customer accounts. We have some customers who want to run up a tab throughout the week and would like to pay it off at the end of the week. The problem we have is the exact same where we can carry the tickets through, however the reports gets a discrepency as the food and drink add up to more than the total takings.

Any help would be great

Its just the same principle, a BF CF for ledgers.
Either seperate figures for each or just a lotoal ledger balance CF total.