Round In Ticket Template

How can I round values for formulas in Ticket Template?

How do you want it rounded? Before the decimal? 1 place after the decimal? 2 places after the decimal?

Can you show your report?

– Default format for orders
- {QUANTITY} {NAME}|[=F(TN(’{TOTAL PRICE}’) * 8/9)]

This fixed my problem of rounding. I wanted to print the items price without tax. I managed it this way but let me know if there is another way around.


Do you use Tax Included in price? Or is tax added to the price?

I believe tax included.

look arround on forum for Math.floor.

You can verify whether tax is included or not by looking at your Ticket Type (Manage->Tickets->Ticket Types.

I looked briefly and didn’t find any template tags to show price before tax. It will probably have to be calculated within the template. Something like this:
[=F(TN('{VISIBLE PRICE}')/1.(tax rate),'0.00')] (tax rate would be the non-percentage rate). An 8% tax would be .08, in the formula would be 1.08.

It’s not the best way to doing it…If your tax rate changes, you would have to manually change in the template.