Rounding discounts

Hi, how can I round the calculated discount to the next 0.05 unit?

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Noted. I’ll check that.

I was looking for solution for rounding calculated discount to next 0.05 or 0.10 units.

Hi, any update on this?

Anyone? We will open next friday and it would be nice to have proper rounding for discounts.

I was also after rounding calculated discount. however, using temporary steps…

I have un-ticked Decrease Amount under Round Template under Calculation Type.


When discount is added I use the ROUND option to round the figures …

On below example I have added 0.03 to make the figure 43.25

it would be nice if the discount figures could be automatically rounded, I think it may complex and may not be a easy solution to implement…

Still no one-click solution?

We talked about it here. Doesn’t it solve your problem?