Rounding up with amount going to seperate account?

My local pub is wanting to support the local charity with a bill supplement.
My thought was the best way to work it in would be to round up the bill… Although not sure yet how to do it.
Think this is best way as rather than a fixed amount I think people would be more content with this rounding type donation.
I would plan to set it to either only apply to tickets where an entity table is selected or posibly bills over say £20. That part I can work out.

The bit I’m really hoping someone will be able to assist me with is how to do a round up to nearest pound and then send that amount to a separate account on payment.

Appreciate any input :smile:

You would use a ticket calculation and use 1.00 and round ticket total as type. Be sure decrease is not checked. Setup your accounting and link it to the calculation.

You can choose how to apply it either auto or use the action and a rule.


Thanks, thought it would be more complex… Lol
Thanks, is first use of calculations so may be back with questions but probably plenty of discount based topics to expand knolage.