Route Void Printout to another printer

Hello … is it possible to route Void Printout to different printer


Yea you should be able to.
Pretty much

  • create a void print template
  • create a void print job
  • Set up an execute print job rule (this is the tricky one to get it to print only when a void happens)

Unfortunately I’m at work but I’ll elaborate more later on after work.

I’ve been trying to work out a solution to this, I have been able to get the VOIDS to print to a separate printer, but at the moment it will also reprint in the kitchen.

Here is what I have so far…

1-Create a Void Print Template

2- Create a Void Print Job
Create a print job and map it to the printer you want to use.

3-Create an Execute Print Job Action

4- Add action to Closing Ticket Rule
this is the rule

Under action add the print job

So now when a void happens it will execute the new printjob.

If anyone knows how to get voids to not trigger the original kitchen orders print job please share

The default kitchen print is setup to print voids, hove you amended this section?
Show the main kitchen print template.

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Yea in my trials I took out the void section of the default kitchen template, but I would get a blank printout with the header.
I also tried this solution I saw in the forums and got a blank header as well.

– do not print voided orders

I think it has to do with order states, I just havent been able to figure it out yet

Hmmm ok, so it’s trying to print as state and Priduct are valid but order line is defined as blank…
So how about clone the job for its mapping and the action but change the actions state for GStatus=Void
However that would print every time…
A custom state work flow for void would pin down exact flow of you want to go that far and can’t work out simpler way.

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So essentially I need to create a new state for VOIDS instead of new, that way itll trigger the void print out only and not the regular print out