Rule Action Prompt asks twice when enter ZERO

Hi everyone. I have a rule with two prompts, my problem is when I enter 0, or 0.00 in one of the fields, then Samba ask again for the ammount for that transaction, just like the screenshots below, how to avoid that second asking???

My Rule

The prompts

The second prompt when value is zero, this is the one I want to avoid!

Thanks in advance for your help!

I dont think you can, when the value is zero it will automatically show you that second screen i had this issue with something i was working on but cant remember what i did now to sort it.

Maybe add another action in the rule at the end to take you back to pos screen or something, that may help automatically navigate away from that screen


@RickH you always have a good answer, It did the trick, thank you very much!!! You told me to make “Una mexicanada”, it means “a Mexican Fix”, its when you fix something not in the best way to do it, but it works, hahaha

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