Rule Debugger Feedback

I have been using rule debugger to find and fix a few things in my system. Recently my move function has been crashing my system and I am trying to use rule debugger to fix it but when it crashes and force closes it closes the debugger.

I would suggest that the debugger at least stay open after a crash of maybe even log what happened so if it does crash I can see what happened.

I don’t think that will be possible. The rule debugger is part of the same SambaPOS application, so if it crashes, so does the rule debugger.

I believe you are thinking along the lines of a debugger where you have your IDE (i.e. visual studio) acting as a debugger to your app. In this case the debugger remains open because it is separate. But in SambaPOS, the rule debugger is just a window opened to let you view / debug rules, but it isn’t a separate app.

yea… maybe a way to log what happens and have like a history button so that we can look at a past session

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Sambapos logs crashes. Logs are in your sambapos users folder


Would be nice if it logged the Rule Debugger content at the same time, so that the exact point in execution can be found… ie, what Rule and Action was being fired when the crash occurred.