Rule Debugger not working 5.1.58?

Can anyone confirm that rule debugger working in 5.1.58?
First enable it show screen in task bar but can’t bring it up. Exit and restart it disappear.

Seems to work fine for me.

Running Release Version 5.1.58 2016-02-05 03:40:00

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Yes, Same version here. Hmm, I will try another machine.

Try to debug Change Ticket Entity Action with File Monitor Device. Search value won’t pass to entity screen on my current database but it work on default database.

EDIT: It is working on the other machines. :confused:

I have this problem on my main desktop (anoyingly the one I work/test on) something else must be clashing with it.
Also have issue on this machine on demo text printer not working.
Im not suprised though tbh, as my main working/testing machine its crammed with tack from little projects here and there.

Try this

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I have to follwing step to bring it back

  1. Uncheck Show Rule Debugger and save
  2. Logout and exit
  3. Delete C:\Users\Your Username\Documents\SambaPOS5\Layout\RuleDebugWindow_Layout.xml
  4. Restart SambaPOS
  5. Enable Show Rule Debugger and Save

Worked for me too by following each step… :smiley:

You can also:

  • place your mouse on SambaPOS Rule Debugger Icon (Taskbar)
  • Click right and then Maximize


It will pop it up!

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