Run Work Period Report by specific date and time

Run work period reports by specific date and time, in a live system.

Work periods are from start to finish when you start a work period or end one. But if you want to filter by date and time you can use the boxes in the top right and press refresh.

With Metrik you can also filter by date and time

Hi Jesse,

Thank you very much for your quick response, however, I am only seeing the date but nothing for time filter.

This is a License I am using version 5.5.4

Hi Jesse,

I found the option to add time into the report filter. Thank you again.

Please share how you found it so other users can find the “solution”.

I believe he found out you can just select day and type in time by yourself.

For example you select 01-Dec-2022 you can just type in time i.e.
01-Dec-2022 00:00 <> 01-Dec-2022 23:59

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Thank you. This is why the forums are for. Saying “found it” or “solved it” doesn’t help other users.

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@dgtalent sorry I did not reply earlier. Yes this is what I found out. But its a bit difficult do on the Touch Screen Monitors. I was hoping there was a date and time dropdown combo.

There is a very easy to use date and time picker with Metrik. I highly recommend trying it