RunningTotals on main Pos Screen

Hi All,

Thought of a nice feature I’d like to implement on our main POS screen. The idea would be to have a ‘live’ list of stats available to the staff with things like average ticket value and total sales throughout a work period. for others, they may want to even separate it by the server. For us, it would be great to have this incorporated into the product selection page. but I could see the advantage of a live stats page on something like a kitchen display. For high-capacity places focused on numbers and turnover, I think this would be a great feature.

how hard do you think something like this would be to achieve?

This should be doable pretty easily.
Similar things have been done on custom nav screens.
Why you would want on pos i would question as this section personally i think should be pure productivity for quick and easy use.
Report expressions etc in math will allow calculating these type of figues.


Sorry for the slow reply. Our server staff has taken a liking to running reports to monitor sales through the day and for target setting. we used to frown upon it but have decided instead to lean into it. though id rather they didn’t have to run reports for the data.

We are fairly busy throughout the day so I felt it would be better to have a discrete screen zone showing some stats on the main POS entities page and the item selections screen. we could use this to help with upselling at the point of order.

It’s not a necessity but I could see how others may benefit for other live stats also if I can figure it out

Left click the bar on the top of the customer window and hold and drag it to the Customer monitor (usually to the upper right of the POS monitor). Once most of the customer window is on the customer monitor click the maximize button next to the X on the upper right corner of the Customer window.

Hi, im confused, how does this help show ongoing turnover stats?