Sales based on weight of items

I am going to implement sambapos for retail solutions.
How to implement sales based on weight of product like vegetables?
I will enter the weight of product, and price should be calculated upon weight.

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Thanks for your reply.
See am not using scale right now, and I want to enter the weight manually.
How to implement that system?

use an open priced product.

Create a new product and set a portion and make the price 0

then when you want to input the price, type the price in the keypad then press the open priced product

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or set the price per weight, and then use the keypad to enter the weight

either will work

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How to set the price per weight?

create the product… and add a portion

Make that portion the price per kilo

then when you come to choose that product enter the weight - for example 0.26 and it’ll charge it at that weight



Its working…

Dude, look for answers within the forum. Please don’t PM asking for a pre built database, there is a lot of answers if you use the search.

Different strokes for different folks :slight_smile: