"Sales" not showing on "Item Sales Report" please help

I just came back from leave and I was informed about the above issue. It is really affect the financial department.

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Report template would also be good to see.
When you say sales you mean you are missing perticilar products on item sales report?

All product are not showing on sales report

So report is blank?
Could really do with some more info? Screenshots and report template used.

Currently all you have given us to go on is your report isnt showing any products?!

@Okokhue_Ferdinard You need to understand that there are thousands of ways a report can be messed up. We have no way to help you until you can show us your report template and the results and then show us what you expected. Maybe then we can help you find the mistake.

Just coming here and saying it doesnt work will not get you the answer you need. Thats like taking a car to a mechanic and saying it doesnt work and its in my garage you will have to fix it without looking at it.


Like just now before I took this screenshot, I can see items sold in 7/22/2019 - 7/23/2019 report.

From 7/1/2019 to 7/23/2019 the report is blank.

Do you have any products with a comma or other special character in the name?
Special characters can mess up some reports, for example reports that use the @declaration list method where a comma is used as the list separator, a comma in a product name interfears with the list although in that case you would usually expect just the offending product to not be reported so perhaps you have other characters.

Let me go through all my product

I have some product name with “BEER (GRILL)” is this a possible cause?

Possibly, have not tested brackets.
Perhaps check todays report. If it works and has no BEER (GRILL) product ring one in and recheck report.

Todays reports is fine, I have items with () in the report

I have remove special character in all product. but my From 7/1/2019 to 7/23/2019 the report is blank.

Todays report is fine,
Yesterdays report is fine
Last month reports is fine
But report from July/1/2019 to July/23/2019 does not show item sales

See screenshot. the report ends at sales with no data

Changing name now will not backdate order name for past sales/reports. Reports will see it as a different product, ie if you sell one now and report yesterday and today you will see that product twice, for before change and after. Al least I believe that’s the case.

Easiest solution would probably be if you PM me a backup of your database and Ill have a quick look through and find what the issue is.