Sales records have disappeared

Hi, my sales records have disappeared for the first 2 weeks of July! Sales from 1-14 have completely gone and when I look at the samba file it is showing a “conflicted copy” dates 14th July. Does anyone know what this means??

I also have another issue that pulling sales records is starting to take longer and longer each day. Any idea how I can speed this up?


Double click the SambaPOS icon in upper left when logged in to make it windowed. The title bar at top on right does it say SQ or CE or TXT?

Also what version of SambaPOS?

Hi, its Samba2.99 CE

This forum is for v4 however we would need more information to even guess what’s wrong. CE is probably why it’s slow. You should upgrade to version 4 and use at least local install of SQL Express although full install of 2014 is recommended.

Maybe your CE database file got corrupted? CE is prone to that. Or maybe you did something on accident? We really don’t know with the very limited info you have given.

Hi, thank you for reply. I am not very teccie so please bear with me! If I upgrade to version 4 is this somethign that is easy to do or would I have potential functionality problems. It is my peak season at the moment and I dont have time for the till to go down! Thank you for your reply!!!

You should read and study it first. This forum is your documentation. Use the search function it will help you find discussions relative to your problems.