Sales Refund Bill as a new refund bill

I want to produce sales return bill as new bill from sales listing.

That is from ticket Listing > Refund button clicked> on certain items should produce new bill with negative value sales return bill for selected items .Existing bill should not be effected just take that bill as reference to pick items which is sold. It should also have options to return some quantity from one item .Please help on above

Hello @abilashraghu

Did you checked How to Create a Refund Item Button? sample?

In SambaPOS refund operation is not connected to a single ticket and a single ticket can contain both refund items and normal sales. That enables you to do:

  • You can return items sales from multiple tickets.
  • You can change items with another item and pay back or settle the difference.

The linked sample demonstrates how to change a previously sold item with another item and settle the difference. If you don’t give something back and just settle refund items that will automatically generate reverse transaction and decreases cash.

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