Sales Report [Category with sub menu items

I want a report to display Sales report in this format

Soft Drinks
Coca Cola 10 50

Thus ;
MenuItemName Price Amount

I tried the report below but not getting results
Can someone assist me please


[Sales:5, 2, 2,1]
@{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.ItemGroup,O.ExactTotal.Sum.desc:(ODI=True):{0}:,}
>{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.ItemGroup,O.Quantity.Sum.desc,O.ExactTotal.Sum.desc:(ODI=True) and O.ItemGroup="$1"}
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:’ '+[O.MenuItemName],O.Quantity.Sum.desc,O.ExactTotal.Sum.desc:(ODI=True) and O.MenuItemName="$1":2}
>Total|{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.ExactTotal.Sum:(ODI=True)}

Have a look at this - might help;

I was having some issues if product names contained special characters or ‘and’ as effected the rendering/formatting of the data, emre debugged so should be fixed but use a report from later in the topic.

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Hello Thank you for the support. I tried it. It works. Is there a way to keep it stayed after saving in report?

dont understand that sorry.

Hi Bro

Thanks very much. It worked