Samaba POS 4 server configuration


Morning All .

Thank you for an great program! I’m new to this groups so please bear with me.
But I need some help.
I’ve installed Samba POS4 on both my computers that I going to use, but for some reason the 2nd PC is not connecting to the Server-PC. I did install SQL as per this tutorial " Step By Step SQL Server Express Setup". I’ve installed SQL on both the computers but still no communication between them. I did do an ping test and the computers shows that it is connected to each other.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/1/2/12d8dbe2b6cdb788e5606ba857613a46d5eb9fcc.jpg" width=“615” height=“346”>

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Please chech this documents Message Server Tutorial and double check windows firewall configurations on message server running pc.


Looks like you have installed SQL on both machines… Likewise for message server.

You only need one SQL instance and one SQL database, nominate one of the two machines as a ‘server’ (by term server I purely mean the one hosting the SQL database both machines will use.
The ‘server’ machine will be the only one with localhost for the connection string/message server.
The second machine will then need the PC name/ip address of the 'server in its connection string.

From your pictures you have one named server already so guess that will be your Samba ‘Server’.
So in short you need to change the PC-BAR computer connection string from ‘localhost’ to ‘Server-PC’, likewise for the message server, change the message server name to Server-PC and port to 8080 if thats the port configured on the server machine.

The database connection string is the main one, this is what will make both installs work from the same database and have the same settings.
Message server is less vital as even without this the installs will still run from the same database, message server is used to keep certain things updated and live and also can be used to triger events on other machines but thats further down the road.


Thank you JTRTech. Problem solved!!


Thank you mehmet! Problem solved


Hi all

Again I’m struggling with this. Please help me with the correct Data String Connection.

okus-PC will be the server pc. And Okus2-Pc the second pc that needs to connect to the server. I did everything as per the guides available. Please see screen shot attached.



You don’t show the connection string your trying to use?
Also tutorials generally recommend mixed mode auth using SQL user and Windows and Windows auth is usually trickier to get right for allot of people.



Your SQL screenshot shows windows auth. make sure you enabled mix mode auth by logging in with sa and sambapos.
The connection string screenshot looks like server, is server connecting to DB ok?
You need to give more info to get good help…


I don’t see the instance name in the Data Source section. Should look like Data Source=okus-PC\INSTANCENAME so try Data Source=okus-PC\SAMBAPOS4 if that’s the instance but usually it’s not


Morning what info im not sure what to give you?


I did try this but its not working


Ok so what is your instance name? What error did you get?


Im not sure of this is possible but cant you connect with team viewer ?


Its giving me an connection string error. Im on my server pc.




There is no instance in this acreenshot


Im not sure what you mean by “instance”?


Your screenshot of connection properties pop-up, datasourse only have PC name, it needs to have the SQL instance name after the PC name