Samba 3 or 4 to install

Hi friends, lm from Mexico sorry my english!!

I discovered yestarday SAMBAPOS and l´ve been watching it and its awesome! l have a dude, wich version do you use sambapos 3 or 4?

l want to use it in my bar and l want to install to another business and l want to know because the licence in version 3 is opensource but in version 4 is only freeware buy l dont know if l could install it to my clients

You can install any version for your friend.
None of the licences prevent resale.
V3 is outdated and only advantage of open source is if you want to make source code changes which generally is only done by unscoupulous people who rebranded it as their own for sale at price which is against licence anyway.
V4 onwards are closed sourse due to similarly licenced dependencies.
Due to the flexibility of samba not being open source is irrelivent to 99.9% of people.

Even v4 is outdated with v5 in late life due to anticipation of v6.
Vs v4, v5 is not free however the licence includes features that were paid in V4.

If your running a more basic setup V4 although dated would work however v5 is far superior in functionality and abilities if your looking to customize the setup.

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Yes l understand but SAMBAPOS v4 is licenced? or is it free of use? because lm reading in the official page that v5 has a free version and a paid version. So in version 4 is it like that? or its full?

Opensourse doesn’t mean free, it means open source code.
V3 was open source and free
V4 was/is free but closed source
V5 is again closed source, it has free trial but is licenced per DB/site.

Opensourse does not = free, there are many opensourse softwares which are not free.
It means you have open access to source code to edit the base code.

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