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I have been playing with Samba 5 and I am getting so far then getting pulled off to deal with other matters, is anyone here interested in quoting to do the main setup for me? I can give remote access to the system and I can be available to test from my end. Here is roughly what I am attempting to achieve.

I have a site that has multiple venues within (restaurant, coffee shop, play area and toddler zone)

In my restaurant I would like the waitress to use windows tablets to take orders, drinks orders would need to go to the bar area either printed or on a display screen, food orders would need to go to the kitchen again printed and preferably on a display screen again.
In the restaurant I would like to offer promotions that would give the customer a voucher that can be redeemed for tokens in the play area, for example if a customer spends £30 we would like to give them 30 tokens. I would prefer the offer to be given as a voucher that can be redeemed at a POS in the play area where we would exchange it for the tokens.

The coffee shop may work roughly the same way as the restaurant where we offer the vouchers, there would be no alcohol sales from this area so nothing would need to go back to the bar, but there would be food sales that would need to go back to the same kitchen as before.

The toddler zone would operate exactly like the coffee shop

The play area would be a normal simple till type system, this is where I would need to allow the vouchers to be redeemed and swapped for tokens.

So far I have a decent server setup, and a couple of windows tablets connected for testing, the SQL side seems to work fine I just really need extra help on getting the rest moving.

Please feel free to ask any questions then quote for the work.

Kind regards

@illuma I sent you a private message, please have a look… Thanks.

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hi Mark
i wanted to know more details, lets have chat

More details about what exactly? You can post questions on the forum, but this is the Ad category where people post for paid support. If you have a request for paid support, you can post your own Ad. If you want to contact me about paid support you can send me a private message, click my face icon then click Message.

Hi Markjw,

Could you sent me this detail private message please