Samba Exe Crash

I am running samba 4.1.37 on a standalone windows 7 machine.

I came in this morning to this message any help would be appreciated.


I assume you clicked Close, and tried to run SambaPOS again ?

Yes, Also tried restarting machine.

Local Settings tries to create non existing data directories and load settings on initialization. So that error message points to a windows account permission issue. You can try running SambaPOS as an administrator user. Detailed error report might give a better idea about the issue.

There was nothing in the error report. I will try and re-install

I have the same issue, tried running as administrator its not working…

Please check permissions for C:\ProgramData\SambaPOS\SambaPOS4 folder. Adding full access permission to Everyone will probably solve the issue. If you can post full error report here we might have better idea about the issue.

Try to create a new account and install SambaPOS4 with the new account. Hope that helps.

i have add permissions to everyone and created a new user still not working

martin what we can do is just guessing without seeing the full error report. Can you click Detailed tab of the error report and post content here?

It is blank in the error report.
I copied database.
Deleted Samba
I did a fresh install of everything and that worked.

You clicked detail? The first screen is always blank. I see you resolved it however so nevermind.

hi Emre,

when i clicked full detailed report there is non i jus get a pop up screen with this error…

hi no its not resolved, i am busy redoing everything coz i cant find a selution

Hi ouky guys this is not fun anymore, i have done a fresh install of everything and i still get this error message don’t know what to do anymore i am on a stage where i am going to format my pc and everything again

What version of .Net framework?

Whenever I upgrade…

Always run the Installer as Administrator.
Install the font when prompted.
Do not automatically launch SambaPOS at the end of installation (clear the check box).
Always run the program the 1st time as Administrator.