Samba Go QR Menu - Multiple Menu Possibility

Have Samba Go QR Menu installed for a client.

Client has 2 separate menus for food and drinks…

It seems I can only apply 1 menu.

Is there a way to have both menus display in the web menu?

Furthermore I found that when visiting the web menu, the fast menu MENU shows up there as well, has 2 options which are basically 2 custom buttons (Food & Drinks) used to switch between them…

Neither are clickable for obvious reasons…

Any idea on how to get around this issue? Or if it is even possible to have more than 1 menu displayed on the web?

It’s best to create a specific menu for this.

So like a separate menu that has all the categories in one list?

Yes this is a very basic feature. We are going to release a full online ordering platform soon. We will come back and update this as well