Samba GO Tablet TOffice Remove items and portion

Hi Guys,

Just setting up some Go Tablets via TOffice,
I noticed that, If I deleted a portion on SambaPOS, and create new ones then
Send menu to Toffice, this will leave the deleted portion to be still on the product.

This is also a case for Products,
IF a product is deleted in SambaPOS, then send menu, the item will still appear in the Toffice menu.

Unless to clear the whole menu,
I don’t seem to be able to find anywhere to delete the deleted portion or product in Toffice.

for Product I understand we can always just use the toggle to hide the product.
but with portions, this became a much bigger problem.

But clear the menu and redo the whole menu for a portion change for a single product? that just seems too much trouble.

Is there any way this can be done any simpler?

and Also,

When editing a portion in Toffice, there is no back button to go back to the previous level.

Click on save only saves the change.

The menu in Toffice is designed to run independently. It is not a mirrored menu powered from sambapos. You sync it and then manage it. But you can make changes that are not in sambapos that is by design. Some people may not want everything the same as this is a customer facing product.

However we will be improving how it works. You can edit portions already created and rename them.

You are right we should improve the menu though. There is no way to remove a portion.

Thanks, Jesse, So if a portion exists in Toffice, but doesn’t exist in SambaPOS, what would happen if the order is sent through. will the portion or tag still be displayed as if they were in the system?

If SambaGO is pushing the orders via the API and a portion is sent that doesn’t exist within SambaPOS then the first portion configured is selected.

So if I understand you correctly,

IF House Wine has Portion 1: 175ml and Portion 2: Bottle
When I remove Bottle Portion in SambaPOS, and Add Portion 3: 750ml
then Send the menu to SambaGo Tablets,
In Toffice, it will show Portion 1: 175ml, Portion 2: Bottle, Portion 3: 750ml

if customer select Portion 2: Bottle in SambaGO Tablet,
In SambaPOS it will be Stored as Portion 1: 175ml?

That’s correct. At least it’s the behaviour I’ve observed when there’s a portion mismatch.

Thank you Memo,

With your knowledge,
SambaPOS has Portion 1: 175ml, Portin 2: Bottle (Deleted), Portion 3: Bottle (added New)
In SambaGO selecting Portion 2:Bottle

Will SambaPOS register this as Portion 3: Bottle or Portion 1: 175ml?

Sorry to keep bothering you with all these questions on this topic.

I am currently in China, and remotely managing this site back in the UK, So can’t really testing the scenarios out myself. :joy:

Still going on the assumption that the orders are being pushed via the API, then Bottle<->Bottle would match and portion would show as desired (#3)

Thank you So much.

If that is the case, then I shall bypass the resend menu from SambaPOS to SambaGO just for the one portion change,

and instead I will just rename the to-be deleted portion in SambaGO to a name that exists in SambaPOS for now.

Really wish there is a way to delete portions and tags in SambaGO, so we can just resend the menu to update those needed from SambaPOS @Jesse