Samba Keeps Signing out -Needing Activation

We have been having an issue recently only on one machine that is a server machine.
It keeps having to be signed into to become activated.
Once we sign back in its fine, but it has happened twice today and we are unsure what is making it do this.

Any ideas?

First what version is it?

The repeated Samba sign-ins on the server could be due to network issues, misconfiguration, credential cache expiry, or time sync problems. Check logs and ensure proper configuration and time synchronization.

The version is 5.3.6

We had issues with that which we fixed. Latest version is 5.7.10

Not sure I need to update, as two other places on the same version do not have this issue.
I guess it cant hurt. I will back up the DB first and give it a shot.

Keeps giving this error, and I have download the exe several times.
Screenshot 2024-07-11 at 2.07.56 PM

Sorry about that. I removed an older version, then reinstalled, and its now updated.
Now to see if this fixed the issue or not. Time will tell.